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To all the members of the Korean Information Display Society (KIDS),

I am Shin Sungtae, the president of KIDS for the year 2018, the Year of the Golden Dog.

I wish you a Happy New Year and good health.

Since its establishment in 1999, KIDS has become an academic organization with more than 3,000 regular members and 40 corporate members in the past 18 years. Furthermore, our society continues to contribute to the development of the Korean display industry.

However, the Chinese display industry has been threatening the Korean display industry with a 30% market share in China's domestic market through the active support of the Chinese government, and India, an emerging country, has been openly nurturing its own display industry as part of the nation’s main projects. Thus, the role of KIDS has become more crucial under such circumstances wherein the competitiveness of other countries is making it extremely difficult for the Korean display industry to prosper. To help the Korean display industry stay afloat, the academia and the research area must unite to supplement the weaknesses of the industry, and to continue developing our strengths with KIDS at the core.

I became the president of KIDS for the year 2018 amid this challenging situation. My aim as president is to focus on the following projects by cooperating with the industry, the academia, the research area, and the government sector, as well as the Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA).

I will do my best so that the Journal of Information Display (JID), a professional journal that represents our society, can be listed in the SCI (SCIE), a world-class academic journal. Moreover, we will reintegrate the International Meeting on Information Display (IMID), which was separated in 2012 and has become one of the global display conferences through our efforts. The said meeting is in cooperation with KDIA and is intended to make IMID the hub of display conferences and exhibitions by expanding international cooperation programs and establishing a collaborative system.

I will also aim to establish a win-win situation among the industry, the academia, and the research area. After hosting an exchange meeting last year, we established a forum where technical interaction among the three areas can be initiated. I will strengthen the display HR development cooperation measures between the industry and the academia, and re-introduce retraining programs to provide necessary talents in the industry through further expansion of the KIDS Display School. Moreover, I will organize a technical talent map and a technical advisory team to help companies that are lacking in technology workforce in dealing with the difficulties of managing mid-sized companies and SMBs and in developing future technologies.

I will try to keep 12 research groups active so that they can contribute in the development of the society. I will introduce a competitive system among the research groups, and rally behind the growth of their mutual activities.

Lastly, our society has been continuously growing, as we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of KIDS in 2019 and the 20th anniversary of IMID in 2020. Currently, a preparation committee has been tasked to oversee the activities in line with the 20th anniversary of KIDS after it has established the groundwork where our society can be reborn and start aiming higher. To mark the 20th anniversary of KIDS, I will do my best to make KIDS the hub of the global display community.

The key projects cannot be accomplished by the society alone, but with the cooperation of the industry, the academia, the research area, and the government. I hope that you will work with our society out of your own interest and affection as I seek your help in executing the aforementioned projects. Your profound interest and continuous participation and support will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Shin Sungtae
Korean Information Display Society