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Although the concept of 쐂isplay has long been associated with and bound by the limited spectrum of cathode ray tubes (CRTs), the sudden explosion of information in our society in recent years in terms of both volume and diversity has elevated 쐂isplay to the status of an integrated multimedia concept. Accordingly, information display and related industries for this multimedia age are not only perfectly suited to Korea셲 economic environment but are also strategic industries that will bring great benefits to the country in the future.

One must only look at the global trend to know that information display will emerge as the blossoming flower of Korea셲 digital electronics industry in the 21st century. Boasting of tremendous real and potential demand, the information display industry is currently led by liquid crystal display (LCD), plasma display panel (PDP), and high-definition TV (HDTV) technologies, and segments such as field emission display (FED), inorganic/organic electroluminescence display (ELD), 3D display, and vacuum fluorescence display are fast transforming into next-generation information display solutions.

With such developments taking place, the Korea Information Display Society (KIDS) was formed to promote fundamental academic research for the nation셲 information display industry and research on original technologies. KIDS seeks to help develop expert professionals for the domestic information display industry; provide advanced research on next-generation information display technologies; facilitate cooperation and technology transfer between the academe, industries, and research institutions; and strengthen international ties of local businesses and organizations to catapult Korea to the pinnacle of the global display industry in the 21st century.