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The display technology is aimed at all types of devices that primarily use light to convey visual information, and at the related diverse materials/parts industries. With the rapid development of the information-oriented society, displays have been among the most important industrial foundations of the multimedia age. The innovations in the Fourth Industrial Revolution represented by artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and Internet of Things (IoT), and the change to a hyper-connected society, predict the practical use of technology that can express any level of image quality rapidly. Thus, the new display technology will be the key to creating infinite values in the future industries.

Apart from being the largest liquid crystal display (LCD) panel producer in the world, Korea is now the leading country in the development and production of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays with a lighter, thinner, and better design, and it has been creating new values in various display markets. Moreover, Korea has been leading the new growth engines of the domestic and overseas display industries, such as the flexible display, rollable display, high-quality display using quantum dots, micro-LED display, and virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR) display, and its further continuous development is anticipated.

The Korean Information Display Society (KIDS) was established in 1999 to lead the development of the basic technologies and new academic areas required to secure the foundation of the Korean information display industry, and to vitalize researches on industrial technologies. Since its establishment, KIDS has been efficiently conducting pioneering basic-technology research on next-generation displays. It will continue to faithfully perform its role to maintain Korea셲 status in the fields of display panel industrial technology, human resource development, and materials/parts/equipment, and to contribute to the development of front and rear industries by cultivating high-quality professional researchers in Korea's information display field; vitalizing cooperative studies and technological exchanges among the industry, academe, and research institutes; and strengthening the exchanges/cooperation with international societies like Society for Information Display (SID) and International Display Workshop (IDW).